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The right music makes or breaks any event. We understand this concept very well here at Choice Music; that's why we promise a few very important things to all our clients.

We guarantee any and all the specific songs you request for your event. This includes all special songs for your wedding, as well as any and all specific songs you want for dancing or anything else.

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We will work with you personally throughout the planning process of your event to help you choose music if you want, and will then go and have your music prepared specifically for you.

All of our DJ's go to every event not only with the CD's specifically prepared for your event, but also with our entire song collection backed up to hard drives. This way, all of our DJs can fill almost any request in any genre on the fly, if needed.

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With a large collection of Top 40, Country, Spanish, Salsa, Reggae, Disco, Big Band, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Christmas Party Music, 50s & 60s Oldies, 70s Classic Rock, 80s Pop & New Wave, 90s Alternative Rock, modern and classic Hip-Hop and Rap, all kinds of electronica, and much more, Choice Music has the songs it takes to make your event just as fun as you want it to be.

And if we don't anything you specifically want, we will gladly go out and purchase it for your event!

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