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We pride ourselves in establishing relationships with and playing at many local and Bay area public and private schools. From any age range, elementary to high school, we have the expirence, ability and common sense to help run a fun and safe party or event.

We even find special music and clothes to fit any theme, from formals to casual to holidays and everything in between.

We make sure to work not only with students but also advisors to ensure the most fun, but also the most safe experience possible.

We can always provide clean versions of any song. We will work with you personally to create the music for your event long before the date, so if there are any issues locating clean versions we'll let you know; our DJ's will never play any kind of inappropriate material.
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An as always, our DJs can appeal to any kind to audience and age group. They will work with you personally well before your party date to help plan and execute the perfect event.

Contact us today to see how Choice Music can help you throw a fun and exciting event!

Over the years, numerous families, couples and individuals have trusted us to provide the highest quality, most professional DJ services for their events.

Call us today to see what we can do for you!

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