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Here at Choice Music, we truly love what we do. Music is obviously a major part of this; every one of our DJ's are music lovers, and absolutely love every aspect their jobs. Having an eclectic music taste and being able to appreciate any and all kinds of music are one of our essential abilities, as well as being able to read any kind of crowd, and know exactly what to play. And, of course, if you want specific music, we never play anything else. Sastifying our every customer's exact music needs is our specialty, and we've been doing exactly that for almost two decades.

Personality is another key here at Choice Music; being able to interact effectively and professionally with our clientele and their guests is another must for every Choice Music DJ, and is something we strive to excel at, in addition to our music. Every DJ is trained in MCing, and can perform the task as much or as little as needed.

All of our DJ's are trained audio technicians, and will always provide the best sound quality possible in every situation, guaranteed.

And, of course, the basics:

-We are responsible professionals, and treat our profession as such.
-Our DJ's will always wear exactly what you want, from casual to costumes to elegant Tuxedo's and anything in between.
-We strive to never be late, and will always arrive a minimum of and hour and a half before your event at least, if not more.
-We always come prepared to handle any kind of situation that may arise quickly, effectively, and professionally.
-We're always fun, and love watching our clients have a night they'll never forget. It's another reason why we love this business, and we always do our best to make sure it happens.
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Your Music Your Way.

Our biggest asset here at Choice Music is you, our clients. Building strong relationships with every Bride & Groom, every company, and every person we interact with and work for is one of the keys to our success, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

If you are specific about your music, don't worry, we understand. We will play the music or kinds of music you want to hear, and provide the services you demand, exactly how and when you want them.

We always work directly with you one on one, to personally help plan every single event we do, to ensure perfection. This level of commitment to every customer on a individual, event per event basis is why we are who we are today.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Choice Music DJ? Contact us for employment opportunities!
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