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Choice Music is proud to offer a wide range of professional, experienced DJ's for all your event needs. We have DJ's from all kinds of ages and nationalities, and we pride our selves in our range. Our DJs will gladly speak or meet you personally to ensure your DJ is the perfect math for your wedding or event.

Every DJ is trained to understand a wide range of music, and can appeal to any age or audience type. How?

Every DJ here at Choice starts off as a music lover; it's a major part of every one our DJ's lives, and a requirement for working at our company. You'll often find our DJ's spending their free time involved in their own musical endeavors, and this passion for what we do is what makes us the right choice for you.
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In the planning process, you and your DJ will go over what kind of music is right for your event. They will prepare this music personally for your wedding or event long before the actual day, to be sure there are no complications.

In addition, every DJ goes out to your event with our companies entire music collection from over the decades archived electronically. What does that mean? We can handle just about any kind of major request, almost instantly. You can request a song while on the dance floor, and have your requested song playing next seamlessly! This flexibility is something unique to our company and something we pride ourselves on.

In the end, speaking personally to our DJ's is one of the best ways to understand why we do what we do. Please give us a call today to speak with us, and to arrange phone or in person interviews with any of our DJs!

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